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6x6 Green Nature Greenhouse

SKU: HG5006G

Plant your garden in the safety and comfort of this Green 6x6 Nature Greenhouse. Built to endure bad weather, this greenhouse has a galvanized steel foundation and a brushed aluminum frame that is rust resistant. Your plants will benefit from the light diffused by the greenhouse's polycarbonate panels which also retain heat to help keep your greenhouse warm during the winter months. The green trim will lend an extra bit of color to your backyard. A built in roof vent will keep the greenhouse cool during the summer and the greenhouse has a downspout that can collect rainwater for your use. More Info
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Nature Series Greenhouse Greenhouse Accessories Polycarbonate Panel Strength

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Green 6 x 6 Nature Greenhouse Kit HG5006G

Imagine a quiet morning in your serene greenhouse, surrounded by the plants you care for, all growing happily. Providing nearly 36 square feet of available greenhouse plant growing space, the Poly-Tex 6 x 6 Nature Greenhouse is perfect place to start your garden. A top level greenhouse with virtually unbreakable Crystal Clear Polycarbonate panels, and a thick corrosion-resistant aluminum frame. Safeguard your plants with 99% UV protection and get growing today with a Nature Series Greenhouse!


  • Clear Polycarbonate Panels
  • 99% Harmful Radiation Protection
  • Galvanized Steel Base
  • All weather resistant
  • 1 year warranty on defective parts
  • 5 year warranty on panel lifetime.
  • Average set up time is 4 to 6 hours

Nature Greenhouse Kits require no special foundation or site preparation. Simply install your Greenhouse on any leveled space such as bare ground or lawn, using the included ground stakes. Or anchor your greenhouse to a leveled concrete, brick or wood foundation using the galvanized base kit (anchor bolts not included). Your greenhouse kit comes with complete written and illustrated instructions.

Long-Lasting and Environmentally Friendly:
Palram polycarbonate greenhouse panels block out 99% of harmful solar radiation, and come with a 5-year manufacturer's warranty. With strong, corrosion-resistant heavy duty aluminum frames, these greenhouses are durable, performing well year-round.

About Palram:
For over 40 years Palram has been focused on customer service, new product development and protection of the environment and quality of life. Ongoing investment in state-of-the-art plants, machinery and technology, combined with in-house process and product innovations, has created a culture of continual product and plant development. Many Palram advancements have come as a result of the close working relationship with its customers. We continue to create unique, high performance products along with expanding product lines.

Expert Advice:
To keep Poly-Tex Greenhouse panels working properly, we recommend rinsing your hobby greenhouse a couple times a year with water. Wiping with a cloth and mild soap will improve the look and performance of your Nature Greenhouse without worry of scratching or material damage. We recommend firmly anchoring your greenhouse to the ground in windy situations. Additional greenhouse growing tips include regulating temperature and humidity, ensuring proper air circulation, and getting to know the needs of your specific plant crops.

Greenhouse Wind Rating:
PolyTex Greenhouses must be well-anchored in windy areas. These units have tested well in wind situations up to 50 MPH, and can handle higher gusts up to 90 MPH, as long as they are securely grounded with screws into wood or concrete. Standard clips that attach to the bottom of the greenhouse frame are included with your purchase. Simply obtain strong screws appropriate for your grounding surface from a local hardware store, and follow the ground mount instructions. In areas of extremely high wind, a hurricane strap is recommended. These can also be found at hardware stores, and come in the form of a metal cable or strong ratchet strap. This type of strap should be secured tightly to the ground on both sides of the greenhouse via deep anchors, and hold the greenhouse securely across the top.

Greenhouse Snow Load Information:
Greenhouses with appropriately pitched roofs such as PolyTex greenhouses naturally deter snow accumulation. The internal temperature of most unheated greenhouses is anywhere from 15 to 35 degrees warmer than external air temperatures, so when any form of sunlight is available, the greenhouse will heat and melt any snow that has accumulated. NOTE: Placing your greenhouse near the snow drop zone of other structures, such as roof pitches on homes or garages, causes the potential for heavy snow weights to suddenly drop on the greenhouse when melting begins. In areas of regular winter snowfall, we do not recommend situating your greenhouse too close to other structures for this reason.

The Nature Greenhouse Kit can arrive in multiple boxes. You will not need to be home at the time of delivery, and you should allow for 1 to 2 weeks for delivery.

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All Greenhouse Kits Features

  • This greenhouse has polycarbonate twin wall panels that provide excellent thermal insulation and are both virtually unbreakable and 100 percent UV protected.
  • Every greenhouse has a sturdy, rust resistant aluminum frame.
  • Greenhouses include a roof vent, gutter and a galvanized steel base.
  • This greenhouse is all weather resistant.
  • Each Poly-Tex Greenhouse has a manufacturer's one year warranty on defective parts, and a 5 year warranty on polycarbonate panel lifetime.

All Greenhouse Kits Specs

Product Specifications:
  • Height:  82 inches
  • Length:  72 inches
  • Width:  72 inches
  • Made from:  Polycarbonate panels, aluminum frame with polypropylene connectors
  • Number of boxes:  2
  • Weight:  84 Lbs

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