Plastic Greenhouses

Plastic Greenhouses tend to have aluminum frames and polycarbonate panels or a plastic mesh over a framework. Each greenhouse has something slightly different to offer.

STC Greenhouses come in a standard hobby greenhouse, going all the way up to a 10x15 backyard Greenhouse. STC Greenhouses all use cutting edge designs to help the plants within them grow. Poly-Tex Greenhouses come in a wide range of sizes, and all feature polycarbonate panels that are virtually unbreakable. Solexx Greenhouses features polyethylene covers that diffuse light while still providing plenty of insulation for the plants growing within it.

ShelterLogic Greenhouses are a line of polyethylene covered steel frames, that are easy to a assemble. FlowerHouse Greenhouses incorporate Pop Up Greenhouse Technologies for sturdy but portable greenhouses.
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6x8 Easy Grow Greenhouse Black

Featuring stylish black framing and a sliding door, this easy-to-assemble greenhouse provides the perfect space to grow your favorite plants.

Our Price: $1,049.95
List Price: $1,273.30
(You save 18%)

6x8 Easy Grow Green Greenhouse

Enjoy the ease of assembly plus quality, durable materials and full shelving with this Easy Grow Greenhouse!

Our Price: $999.95
List Price: $1,139.00
(You save 12%)

Easy Grow Greenhouse 8x12 in Black

Bronze 4 Mil twin-wall polycarbonate roof panels, beautiful and easy-to-assemble Empire Black corrosion-free framing, and roof vents with automatic openers are just some of the amazing features of this Easy Grow Master Greenhouse.

Our Price: $1,799.95
List Price: $2,069.00
(You save 13%)

Snap and Grow Greenhouse Snap & Grow 8 x 8 Greenhouse

Featuring double barn doors and a tall roof, this easy-to-assemble, snap and grow greenhouse provides the perfect space for your special plants.

Our Price: $1,039.95
List Price: $1,099.00
(You save 5%)

Aluminum Greenhouse Snap & Grow 6 x 16 Greenhouse

Imagine your own serene greenhouse, complete with durable materials and easy assembly.

Our Price: $1,525.00
List Price: $1,649.00
(You save 8%)

Backyard Greenhouse Snap & Grow 6 x 12 Greenhouse

Perfect for overwintering your beautiful patio pots and hanging baskets!

Our Price: $1,159.95
List Price: $1,249.00
(You save 7%)

Hobby Greenhouse Snap & Grow 6 x 8 Greenhouse

Quality engineering and sturdy materials will get you into your own serene greenhouse with ease.

Our Price: $775.00
List Price: $849.00
(You save 9%)

Large Greenhouse - 16x20 Solexx Conservatory

Our largest Solexx greenhouse, perfect for cash cropping or the avid home gardener!

Our Price: $7,556.00

PVC Greenhouse - 16x16 Solexx Conservatory

Perfect for avid home gardeners and cash croppers alike, the Solexx Conservatory Greenhouse gets the job done!

Our Price: $6,536.00

Solexx Large Greenhouse - 16x8 Solexx Conservatory

Whether you're growing a cash crop or an avid home gardener, the Solexx Conservatory Greenhouse is for you.

Our Price: $4,376.00

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