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Why a Greenhouse?

Growing and gardening in a greenhouse provides several advantages over traditional outdoor planting.  Here is a list that our Living Outfitters experts have provided to organize a few reasons to buy a greenhouse:

  • Plants grow much better at ideal (controlled) temperatures and the higher humidity of a greenhouse.
  • Plants can be cultivated in the winter or out of season in a greenhouse
  • Greenhouse works great as a seed starter location for early or off season
  • Use your new greenhouse to protect and isolate plants that may be exotic tropical or a new and unique variety.


Location of the Greenhouse

Firstly, you will want to find the most southerly facing location for your greenhouse.   The greenhouse site location should also be flat a level.  It also should have maximum winter sunlight to gain the most warmth.  Plants will still get cold at night and during storms but you would be amazed at the growth from just the gained daylight temperatures.

Align you greenhouse with the longest side facing south.  That way the plants will get the most possible sunlight hours


Building the Greenhouse Kit

Its easier than you think to build a greenhouse kit! Most kits can be easily unpacked and assembled by one or two home owners.  You just have to find the patience and time to sit down and do it right.  Typically the kit will include everything you need in terms of hardware and parts to complete the assembly.  You may need to provide some basic tools and materials but if you want a greenhouse, you probably have the things needed on hand already.


Using the Greenhouse

Potting benches, shelves, deck boxes and storage bins can all be implemented inside your new greenhouse to improve your work space.  don’t be afraid to re use existing items like packaging materials and old worn out objects for work stations.  Be sure to use a good floor surface that allows for drainage.  Crushed rock

Your greenhouse might benefit from having these items:

  • thermometer
  • ventilation
  • water
  • power
  • work benches
  • shade cloth
  • soil bins
  • plant containers
  • climbing trellis


Greenhouse Ideas
Greenhouse Ideas
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Warm Greenhouse
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